Nigel Farage's Three Simple Electoral Reforms To Bring Democracy Back To The UK

5 November 2017, 11:19 | Updated: 5 November 2017, 11:31

Nigel Farage says it's time the UK reinvigorated its democracy and made several, simple reforms.

With Westminster dogged by sexual harassment claims, with calls for the House of Lords to be scrapped and with suggestions that the voting age should drop to 16 - what’s the one reform you would make to our political system?

Nigel Farage asked his listeners for a single change and suggested three of his own.

The LBC presenter argued Westminster required a "complete overhaul." He said the right of recall would improve accountability and allow constituents to bring misbehaving MPs home to a by-election.

Secondly, Nigel asked for a new electoral system to improve proportional representation and break apart the duopoly in Westminster. Later in the show he suggested AV+ as a possible model.

Finally the former UKIP leader called for open primaries. He argued that the current political parties did not produce a broad enough spectrum of candidates from all walks of British life - open primaries would fix this.

Watch the full clip above.