Would The Windrush Scandal Have Been Avoided If We All Had ID Cards?

22 April 2018, 14:30

This caller told Nigel Farage that the Windrush scandal would have been avoided if everybody had an identity card.

Peter told Nigel Farage that the idea of issuing everybody an identity card was dismissed because "nobody in the government wants to know exactly how many people are in the country."

He said: "I saw the Enoch Powell situation and when I put it forward that we should have identity cards the mandarins there said 'good god man, you don't know much about politics.'"

"Identity cards would have avoided all these these problems with the Windrush situation because they'd have all hadidentity cards."

Identity cards in Britain were scrapped by the government in mid-2010, after only being rolled-out in November 2009.