Rachel Johnson challenges journalist who tearfully berated Boris over Nato inaction

6 March 2022, 20:28

'I watched you take my brother to task last live last week.'

By Tim Dodd

Rachel Johnson asks the Ukrainian journalist who "took [her] brother to task" on the lack of a no-fly zone in Ukraine if she still holds her position.

It comes after the Ukrainian journalist tearfully berated Boris Johnson over the West's failure to protect the country's citizens from attack by Russian forces.

Mr Johnson was accused of being 'afraid' to defend innocent people as he took a press conference on a visit to Poland.

Daria Kaleniuk said women and children were falling victim to Russian attacks because NATO had failed to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

"You are not coming to Kyiv PM… because you are afraid," she said. Ms Kaleniuk added that NATO wanted to avoid World War III but it had "already started".

Rachel asked Ms Kaleniuk: "I watched you take my brother to task last live last week. You emotionally challenged him, you said these are all, in a way, costless measures so far and it's not your children. Do you still hold that position even though he has set out a six-point plan?"

Ms Kaleniuk replied: "The most important help we need right now in Ukraine is to stop Russian bombs.

"We actually are going to win the war... It's just a matter of the cost we will pay for that.

"And I cannot see how United Kingdom, as well as other leaders of the free world are going to help with protecting Ukrainian sky from Russian bombs.

"[In the] mean time, when the West is making up a decision or making an excuse [of] why the decision can't be made, Ukrainian children are dying, and [the] Ukrainian military is doing miracles."

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Rachel said that Western leaders are in accord on the point that any engagement by NATO or Western forces would lead to a full-scale war and that that is "something that nobody wants".

"What you're asking for is going to increase the amount of suffering, not diminish it," Rachel said.

Ms Kaleniuk replied: "It's a wrong attitude and it is an illusion. And it is the continuation of Western appeasement of Putin."

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