'She was probably frightened': Caller defends Suella Braverman amid speeding scandal

21 May 2023, 15:46

Caller thinks Braverman needs to be protected from the general public

By Alice Bourne

Sangita Myska hears from a caller who passionately defends Suella Braverman after she attempted to organise a private speed awareness course, arguing she is "on the front line" of a divided country and needs "protection".

The caller Colin told Sangita Myska “I think that if the question is - What should Sunak do?" following the Home Secretary's attempt to avoid a public speed awareness course, "my answer would be not very much”.

He continued: “I’m not a fan of Suella Braverman but we’ve got to remember that these ministers get death threats.”

The Prime Minister did not tell journalists covering his work at the G7 summit in Japan whether he would open an investigation into the Home Secretary.

Seeming to refer to the murder of David Amess MP for Basildon, Colin said: “Some MPs, if people don’t agree with them, get shot and killed. These are not ordinary people these are people on the absolute front line of a country that is hugely divided and there are some extreme people who will want to see people sacked or worse- killed.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable therefore for her to not want to go in a public arena with people where she might have a vulnerability… I think she had to ask somebody-who else is she going to ask?”

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Colin insisted: “I think these people should be given a level of protection and she was being offered no protection, full vulnerability in open court and I think she was probably frightened.”

Sangita responded to this: “I actually think your argument is a very compassionate one.”

She continued: “I do not envy politicians in the public sphere but what I would say is there is a long list of MPs who have been fined for speeding and that information is publicly available. The fact she was Attorney General, so the person in charge of giving the government legal advice, put her in a very particular position.

Colin responded: “She has been virtually deprived of doing a speed awareness course- because if you can only do it in public with other people she will be vulnerable.”

He concluded: “There's a major tragedy in this country that good quality people would not go into politics because they’ve got to have all of this levelled against them.”

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