Suella Braverman's private speed awareness course request is 'appalling', says Labour MP

21 May 2023, 12:00 | Updated: 21 May 2023, 13:03

Labour MP calls for an investigation into Suella Braverman's 'ministerial conduct'

By Georgina Greer

After Home Secretary Suella Braverman allegedly asked for a private speed awareness course, Shadow Health Secretary Liz Kendall condemned the request but told Andrew Castle that she was "not surprised".

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Labour MP Liz Kendall questioned whether Home Secretary Suella Braverman was upholding the 'highest standards of probity and integrity' and called for an investigation into whether she was maintaining the "ministerial code."

This comes after Ms Braverman allegedly asked civil servants to arrange a private speed awareness course after she was caught breaking the speed limit in the summer of 2022.

A private course would mean she could avoid public scrutiny.

When civil servants refused to fulfil the request, a private aid allegedly tried to persuade the course provider to offer a one-to-one course.

When the provider refused this, she reportedly pulled out of the course altogether and opted to pay the fine, also receiving three points on her license.

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Ms Kendall began by calling the Home Secretary's request "appalling" and accused Ms Braverman of "abusing" her "position of authority".

She continued: "But Andrew. I'm not surprised, she's got form on this, you'll remember she actually had to resign."

This comment is in reference to an incident in October 2022, when Ms Braverman was forced to resign after sending confidential documents from her private email, a severe breach of ministerial rules.

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Former Conservative MP supports Home Sec in request for private course

Following this, Ms Kendall went on to berate Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: "She had to resign, then Sunak appointed her as Home Secretary six days there's no point in him getting all tetchy at a G7 press conference, he only has himself to blame."

Andrew pointed out: "When you're in Hiroshima with other leaders at G7...let's be honest it's pretty hard to get wound up about a speeding course isn't it."

Ms Kendall responded: "I wouldn't want as Prime Minister to be asked that question but he wouldn't have appointed her, he knew her behaviour...what he should do is launch an immediate investigation into it."

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When Andrew asked: "What has she actually done wrong?"

She responded: "She's asked to have something different for everybody else."

Ms Kendall then highlighted the "real thing", naming the ministerial code, saying: "We need an investigation into upholding the highest standards of probity and integrity."

Andrew later interrupted to point out that Ms Braverman had cited "security concerns" in her reasons for the request.

To which the Labour MP replied: "Well why doesn't Rishi Sunak launch an investigation into that and see whether she actually is upholding the ministerial standards there."

"I do think people think one rule for us, another rule for you and it's not right and fair," she concluded.