‘We’re not invaders’ says this Albanian caller who wants Suella Braverman to resign

5 November 2022, 16:47

This Albanian caller wants the Home Secretary to resign

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

This Albanian caller firmly said “we’re not criminals, we're not invaders - we're hard workers and we're tax payers”, after Suella Braverman’s declaration of a migrant “invasion”. He called for her to resign.

An Albanian caller during Sangita Myska’s show today passionately explained that Albanians are “not criminals” and asked for the Home Secretary Suella Braverman to resign.  

Andy in Manor House, came to the UK at 16. Sangita asked him how he felt about Suella Braverman’s rhetoric around migration, given that Albanians are one of the largest groups of migrants coming to the UK at the moment.

“That is unacceptable from a Home Secretary”, he said. “It's not the Albanians fault that the system is broken.”

“As a British citizen, I want her to resign.”

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Andy continued: “The majority of them came for economical reasons, to make a better life.”

“We're not criminals, we're not invaders - we're hard workers and we're tax payers”, he proclaimed. “A lot of us are very very successful in this country.”

“It's not our fault that the Tories or the Conservatives are playing dirty politics and blaming us for the broken system.”

Andy said the government is “brain-draining other countries” by inviting workers to come to the UK and called it “legal exploitation”.

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He acknowledged that “there are some people who do bad things” but pointed out that was the case “in all the communities”.

Turning his attention back to the Home Secretary, he said: “I expect her to resign or at least apologise”.

Sangita agreed that “she is demonising everybody from Albania”.

The call generated a fierce reaction on Twitter.