Stig Destroys Corbyn's Media Bias Claims

24 July 2016, 13:57 | Updated: 2 September 2016, 18:01

Jeremy Corbyn criticised the media for not reporting on a parish by-election. Stig Abell's incredulous response is brilliant.

Stig reacted to Jeremy Corbyn's complaint that the media had not covered a parish by-election in Kent.

"Why did the mainstream media not cover a parish election?" asked Stig."It's a parish by-election! It's a parish by-election!

"How many parish by-elections do the mainsteam media cover?"

"Is it because they had it out to get Jeremy Corbyn because the establishment is all in a shadowy room gathering together to stop this man from tackling the legitimate abuses therein?

"Or because it's a parish by-election involving 500 people?"

"He says this because his supporters will then go: 'Yeah, it’s the media's fault' and they don't face reality.

"They don't face reality that they are pushing the Labour party into a place where they can't stop the Tories getting up to no good.

"They can't deal with the problems of inequality in this country because they're too busy with navel-gazing, tinfoil hat wearing, full blown paranoia."