Stig Explains Why FBI Probe Means End For Trump

30 October 2016, 16:32 | Updated: 30 October 2016, 17:07

Stig Abell says the FBI announcement takes away Trump's last line of defence - that the election is rigged against him.

Talking on his LBC show Stig Abell pointed out that Trump’s claims that the establishment is against him ring hollow now, after the FBI re-opened an investigation into Clinton days away from the election.

“Hillary's reaction, which is to say to the F.B.I. show what you actually have got or keep quiet, probably shows why she's going to be president. She's getting on with winning the election. She's not saying for example that the election is rigged.”

“Mad Donald on the other hand has had a Damascene conversion about the F.B.I. He's now discovered his great respect for it. He previously said it was crooked, and for democracy this election.”

“He's said might not be as rigged as I thought. But you can't have it both ways love. Either it's fixed or it isn't. And it isn’t."

“It's barely a scandal at all I think it's just yet another weird episode in a shamefully inept American election that pits a vaguely unlikeable but probably basically competent Democrat against an intellectually inferior racist misogynist Twitter egg.”

“Only in this election could a search for evidence against the cheating man rebound on a female candidate two places removed from her. Because let's be clear this is an election that is showing up american society for what it seems to be terminal misogynist.”

“It's an election that would put off any woman wouldn't it from standing for president even though woman is probably going to win, in any event the scandal must achieve one thing.”

“It must take away the only claim Trump and his supporters had left that this election was rigged against him by the establishment because now the establishment is actually against Clinton isn't it?”

“This simply shows what we already knew. Hillary can sail on regardless Trump while immediately shows himself to be a terminal hypocrite.”