Stig's Brilliant Take On The Banks & Brexit

23 October 2016, 15:59 | Updated: 24 October 2016, 09:03

Brexit means Brexit - unless you're a banker. Is that what you voted for? Stig Abell brilliantly sets out the stark choice facing Britain.

The way Stig sees it, the country faces two choices: pursue a hard Brexit and face the economic consequences of the banks leaving, or make a cosy deal with Brussels over the financial sector.

“At the moment UK-based banks get passporting rights within the single market so they can offer financial services to everybody across the EU.”

“They won't get those when we leave the EU and the single market. So here's what will happen: either the economy will take a battering in the financial services industry will move elsewhere, potentially.”

“Or there will be a compromise and the bankers will get a special deal and that kind of amuses me to be honest.

"We voted Brexit didn't we, because we don't want privileged access to the single market, we don't want freedom of movement, we don't want that sort of close proximity with individual European nations and we certainly did want, didn't we, to stick it to the establishment like these vile bankers who caused the financial crisis.”

“I just wonder now how happy you'd be if you voted Brexit and the first compromise deal is with those lovely bankers.

"Brexit means Brexit...unless you are a wealth generating, nation-supporting fat cat, in which case it means: do you mind if we don't really leave.

"Are you happy with that?”