'Tories enjoy infighting as much as battling Labour': Nick Ferrari's warning to Tory MPs

14 July 2022, 17:26 | Updated: 14 July 2022, 17:29

Nick Ferrari's warning to Tory MPs as leadership contest heats up

By Seán Hickey

Nick Ferrari warns the Tories against naval-gazing during the leadership contest, to avoid losing the public's support.

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The Conservative leadership contest is heating up as the party now has to choose between five candidates.

"While the temperature hasn't struggled to get above thirty, some top Tories have", Nick Ferrari began.

"As I speak the Conservatives are whittling the number of contenders down to two for a final showdown."

Suella Braverman became the latest casualty of the battle as Tory MPs vote for the two candidates to put to the party membership.

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Nick was reflecting on how the party seems to revel in the drama of a leadership contest.

"The truth is the tories seem to enjoy fighting among themselves as much as they do against Labour."

Finishing his monologue, Nick issued a warning to the Conservative party: "Indulge yourselves for too long and those you seek to govern will rapidly tire of this not so civil, civil war."

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