Salmond Really Doesn't Like Iain Telling Him About Independence Polls

27 April 2017, 12:35 | Updated: 28 April 2017, 13:42

Iain Dale pushes Alex Salmond for his response to polls showing that support for Scottish independence is not exactly soaring...and the SNP man really doesn't look too impressed.

The Scottish Government finished its consultation on a second independence referendum in January and nearly four months later, the SNP has still to give its take on what the pathway would be to any futue independence vote.

For Alex, it's a "nothing point".

"The point is we're in a general election campaign with huge political issues - one of which is whether the Scottish parliament should have the right to have a referendum."

For Iain, it's actually rather important.

"I'll tell you what I think, the reason that [Nicola Sturgeon]'s not doing it.

"It's because the support for a referendum has now dropped to 40%."

That's when Salmond really had a go at Iain, telling him "don't interrupt" and stressing that more recent polls showed support for independence was growing.