Salmond's War Of Words With "Chicken" Trump

20 January 2016, 16:27 | Updated: 16 September 2016, 13:56

After taking Donald Trump to task last week, Alex Salmond threatened to "kick some ass" if the tycoon was brave enough to phone LBC.

Salmond was discussing Sarah Palin's support for Trump and said her endorsement was the "kiss of death" for Trump's campaign.

Palin made a passionate address to supporters saying Trump would ensure American soldiers "kick ISIS ass!"

The former Scottish First Minister once again challenged Donald Trump again to come on his LBC phone-in, promising: "If the Donald would want to come on LBC and defend his offensive comments about Mexicans and Muslims and whoever else he's offensive about, then we'll kick some ass, Iain and I - if The Donald's got the guts to come on and get somebody answering back to him."

Last week Trump branded Salmond "an embarrassment to Scotland".

So this week Salmond coined a new nickname for the controversial Republican hopeful: "Chicken Donald".

"That's the sort of language that will bait him onto the show," said Salmond. "The Donald tries to give this impression that he's off the cuff.

"When he's had tough interviews, he hasn't liked it."