Salmond: SNP Transport Minister Shouldn't Quit After Driving Without Insurance

7 December 2016, 16:56 | Updated: 7 December 2016, 17:12

Alex Salmond LBC Hand

Humza Yousaf has been caught driving without insurance, despite being Scotland's Transport Minister - but Alex Salmond still insists he shouldn't resign.

Describing it as "an honest mistake", Salmond that in a week's time people who are now calling for the SNP man to stand down will have forgotten all about it.

Yousaf was stopped by the police on a routine check, as he drove a friend's car, despite being only insured to drive his own vehicle.

Yousaf said a misunderstanding following his split from his wife had caused the "honest mistake" and that he would admit the offence.

"He'll go to court and he'll take the consequences, just like anybody else," Salmond told Iain Dale during his LBC Phone-In. "It's embarrassing for him, of course it is.

"But most people looking at these circumstances will not be demanding peoples' head over something like that."

Iain asked Salmond if he would still be backing a Tory Transport Minister caught driving without insurance to keep his job.

"Oh yeah, absolutely.

"If you check the record, you'll find I have never called for people's resignation on personal circumstances."