Salmond's Fiery Row With LBC Caller Over Oil

13 January 2016, 16:41 | Updated: 25 August 2016, 18:49

Alex Salmond hit back at an LBC caller who said an independent Scotland would have been ruined by falling oil prices.

In his first Alex Salmond Phone-In, the former Scottish First Minister aimed both barrels Paul in St Albans.

Paul hit Mr Salmond with a tough question, the first the SNP man faced today: "You based your model for financial security in Scotland on the oil price of about £110 a barrel - I notice it's trading at around £30. How would Scotland be now if you'd succeed in gaining independence?"

"The price of oil will come back," insisted Mr Salmond, "Everyone knows that."

He pointed to Norway as an example of how Scotland could have coped with the sinking oil price, but Paul wasn't impressed with that answer: "That sounds like a politician talking to me."

Iain joined in the argument at this point: "Well he is a politician!"

Paul and Mr Salmond continued to go at it, with Mr Salmond telling Paul he didn't want to "insult the whole of Scotland" after the caller asked how many Scots pay tax.

"Don't start talking about Scotland from your position in St Albans, as some poor wee place - "

Paul fired back: "I never said that all Mr Salmond, don't put words in my mouth!"

Watch the full, very sharp exchange above.

The Alex Salmond Phone-In returns every Wednesday at 4pm on LBC.