What Is The 1% Of Germs That Can't Be Killed By Cleaning Products?

3 July 2018, 16:49

Dettol cleaning product
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Mystery Hour Question

Question: What is the 1% of germs that can’t be killed by cleaning products that claim to get rid of 99% of known germs?

Name: Aidan, Epsom


Name: Leigh, Camberley

Qualification: Specialist nurse in infection, prevention and control.

Answer: The reason that cleaning products can’t say that they clean 100 % of all germs is to do with log reduction and the legal way they are tested.

There isn’t a one percent of germs that they can’t kill but when they test it, they have to see how many organisms they kill against other organisms.

They test it to certain tolerances and the law for cleaning products says they have to meet a three log reduction.

That is 99.9%.

But if products killed 100%, that would be dangerous for people as it would mean that we would be exposed to products too powerful for humans.