Why do we say 'kicked the bucket' when someone dies?

7 January 2020, 13:05

The phrase 'kicked the bucket' is linked to black pudding
The phrase 'kicked the bucket' is linked to black pudding. Picture: PA

Politician Stephen Pound called James O'Brien to explain the morbid origins of the phrase 'kicked the bucket.'

Mystery Hour Question

Why do we say 'kicked the bucket'?

Trish, Carshalt.


Name: Stephen Pound.

Qualification: Knowledgeable former politician.

Answer: Mr Pound set the record straight about this old saying, explaining that it is a reference to the process of making black pudding. This used to involve hanging a dead pig by its trotters over a bucket, in order to collect blood. When the throat of the animal was cut, the spasm of its lower trotters would cause it to literally kick the bucket.