UK set to be hotter than Ibiza this weekend as Brits prepare for mini-heatwave

18 March 2022, 19:29

Warm weather set to soar this weekend as Britain to see mini-heatwave. Picture: Alamy

By Liam Gould

Britain is set for a mini-heatwave this weekend as temperatures soar to as high as 17C in some parts of the country.

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Brits are set to get temperatures hotter than Ibiza, Rome, and Athens this weekend after the Met Office recorded the highest temperature of the year so far across the UK this afternoon.

The temperatures are far higher than the normal average for this time of the year - which is around 10C, according to Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth.

Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, will see the hottest temperatures this weekend - with it getting up to 17C in cities, and even up to 20C in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Met Office said in a post on their social media account: "A warm day is on the cards on Saturday, especially so across northwest Scotland where the mercury may reach 20 °C in some sheltered glens."

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Met Office meteorologist Richard Miles said: “For Scotland, it’s looking largely fine and dry for the next few days and right into a lovely weekend.

“There’s the possibility of a few showers in the north west on Friday but everywhere should be fine and dry for the weekend.

“I think the top temperature you are likely to see is 17C (63F) in Glasgow on Saturday.”

Ms Shuttleworth said while there'll be a slightly colder feel in the south, it still remains well above the average for this time of year.

“Other western areas, such as north Wales, Devon and Cumbria could see temperatures of 15C to 16C – so, around 11 degrees above average for this time of year”, she said.

It comes as the Met Office recorded the highest temperature of the year so far in England, Wales and the UK as a whole this afternoon.

People enjoyed temperatures of up to 17.5C on Friday, as well as a a huge Saharan dust cloud which blanketed parts of south-east England earlier in the week.

But, Brits are in for even more hot weather as the temperature continues to soar this weekend.

While the south is in for a dry weekend, it won't be as hot as the weather in Scotland - with London set for highs of 13C on Saturday.

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The streets of Glasgow will be warmer than other European cities, like Ibiza, Athens and Rome this weekend.

While remaining dry over the weekend, Athens is set for highs of just 8C - meaning Glasgow will see temperatures more than double that of the Greek capital.

Ibiza is set to reach highs of 15C with heavy showers predicted for the popular UK tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Rome is forecasted to stay dry, and hit temperatures of up to 16C on Saturday.

Sunday is set be more overcast with Britain set for a cooler day as the weekend draws to a close, according to the Met Office.

“We’ll see colder air across the UK knocking temperatures down to average or just below.”