UK weather: Sizzling '33C mini-heatwave' expected by end of the week

29 July 2020, 14:25

A 'mini heatwave' is expected
A 'mini heatwave' is expected. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

The UK is set to be hit with sizzling temperatures by the end of this week as a mini-heatwave brings highs of 33C.

The heatwave will bring July to a scorching end following a month of disappointing grey skies and middling temperatures.

However, over the next few days things will take a turn, with the mercury rising cross the UK to the mid twenties on Wednesday and Thursday.

By Friday, temperatures are predicted to reach their peak of up to 33C in London.

The Met Office have said that it will just be a "short burst of heat to finish off July" with "one day of heat for most, two if you're lucky".

The heatwave is expected to beat this year's current record, set in June when the mercury hit 32.6C in Heathrow, West London.

However it will not beat this time last year, where temperatures hit 38.7C in Cambridge.

Temperatures in London are expected to hit 33C
Temperatures in London are expected to hit 33C. Picture: PA

According to the Met Office, London is set to see the best of the weather, with highs of 31C at around 4pm.

The rest of the south east will also see high temperatures of around 28C.

The Midlands and North of England will see temperatures nudging 30C during the afternoon.

However, the South West and Wales will have the lowest temperatures, with highs only reaching the low to mid 20s.

After Friday's peak, temperatures are expected to cool off a little.

London will experience warm temperatures with clouds for the next seven days at around the 22C mark.

The south east, south west and Wales will see temperatures of around 20C, with northern England and Scotland even cooler.

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Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: "From tomorrow the hot weather will start, with temperatures of around 28C around London and the Home Counties.

"Friday will be the peak, with high temperatures more widespread across the UK, with hight of 33C around London and up towards the Midlands.

He continued: "By Saturday most places will be around 10C cooler at around 26 - the heatwave will only last a few days max.

"It's just a brief burst of heat to end July, with August looking to be more like the rest of July has been.

"For this reason, there are no heat health warnings in place, but we are keeping an eye on the risk of thunderstorms."