When will the rain stop? Weekend weather forecast revealed

18 June 2021, 10:00

When will the rain stop? Weekend weather forecast revealed
When will the rain stop? Weekend weather forecast revealed. Picture: PA

By Emma Clarke

After a bout of glorious sunshine and high temperatures, the weather has taken a turn - bringing with it rain, humidity and possible thunderstorms.

For the majority of June, Brits have been basking in sunshine and scorching temperatures, with the mercury hitting the mid to high twenties most days.

But on Wednesday evening, many regions in the UK were struck by lashings of rain.

Now, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms and possible flooding for both Friday and Saturday.

Here, we take a look at this weekend's weather forecast - and when the rain is likely to stop.

What is a yellow weather warning?

The Met Office has in place a colour code system to indicate the degree of threat or danger, relating to weather conditions.

A yellow weather warning is the least severe, but indicates there may be some disruption to travel and other areas.

The other two colours are amber - which is the second most serious and could mean road closures, transport delays and power cuts - and red, which is the most severe and means there may be damage to buildings, roads or power outages. In extreme cases, people are sometimes advised to stay indoors.

According to the Met Office, spells of heavy rain on Friday and Saturday could lead to travel disruption and flooding, with the chance of thunder and lightning in some areas.

The map below indicates the areas likely to be affected.

Met Office issues yellow weather warning across England for Friday and Saturday
Met Office issues yellow weather warning across England for Friday and Saturday. Picture: Met Office

So, when will the rain stop?

While weather forecasts aren't entirely accurate, it is expected that the rain will ease off by Wednesday next week.

But for those hoping to see the return of the sun - it's not looking too promising.

What is the weather forecast for this weekend?

On Friday (June 18), there's a lot of cloud in eastern, central and southern England, with spells of rain. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Northern Ireland and western Wales, it'll generally be dry with some sunny spells.

Moving into the evening, the rain will gradually clear in parts of England.

Saturday's forecast is looking slightly warmer, with some dry, sunny spells across England. In Scotland it will be cloudier with a few showers. Thunderstorms may sweep in across southern UK during the evening.

On Sunday, there'll be an increased chance of rain and thunder, mainly for England.

And next week?

As the rain eases off mid-week, temperatures are expected to get much cooler across the UK.

There may still be a few showers interspersed with sunny, dry spells.

According to the Met Office, temperatures are likely to recover towards the end of the month.