Irate caller blasts 'arrogant' Greta Thunberg for 'rude' manner of speech

24 October 2021, 19:02

By Seán Hickey

This caller shared his fury at teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg's latest comments about the public's responsibility to affect change.

Greta Thunberg made headlines over the weekend for her cynical attitude towards the COP26 summit, arguing that the public need to put pressure on to affect change and not expect leaders to take action.

Caller Jonathan joined Ben Kentish to share his anger at the young Swede, telling him that she is undermining her entire cause by using such language.

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"You agree with the message, you don't like the messenger, do you think that's a wider problem with the climate change movement, there's a sense of lecturing?"

The caller told Ben that he by no means is a climate denier: "That is a massively important issue." He said however that "because it is such a massive needs to be delivered in the correct manner".

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"The way it is delivered gets my back up – I'm sure I'm not alone in that" the caller told Ben.

"You think it's counter-productive?" Ben prodded. The caller believed so, telling listeners that he in no circumstances will stand to "be spoken to by a child in that manner."

"She has a massive image problem. I'm sure there's many people who back her and there's many people who think she's wonderful, however I don't."

"I find her arrogant, I find her quite offensive" he concluded.