Matthew Wright grills Richard Tice's 'alternative' climate policy

30 October 2021, 15:36 | Updated: 8 November 2021, 17:59

Matthew Wright takes on Richard Tice on Reform climate strategy

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Matthew Wright pokes holes in the Reform UK climate strategy, as outlined by the party leader.

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Matthew Wright took on Reform UK leader Richard Tice amid a report showing that Brits are only willing to spend between 0 and £5 to address climate change.

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Mr Tice made the case that government's current net-zero plan is unpopular and will ultimately become far too costly for Brits.

"Is part of the problem as you see it… that all the major parties will offer up rather similar policies on the environment because they’ll want to be seen to be saving the planet?" Matthew wondered.

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Mr Tice claimed that Reform UK will "be the only party that actually has an alternative to the main Westminster narrative about net zero."

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"For example actually, we can have cheaper energy using literally the almost free, accessible, safely extractable shale gas that’s literally under our feet that only four years ago, this conservative government said they wanted to create a new industry, a shale gas industry."

Matthew took exception to the Reform UK leaders pitch: "Do we get the added advantage of flames coming out of our taps?" He asked, referencing instances in the US where fracking led to public water supplies being contaminated.

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"We could heat our houses by opening up our water taps", he quipped.

"Don’t be silly" Mr Tice dismissed Matthew, branding his concerns as "nonsense".

Matthew clapped back, noting that Reform's climate proposal is "not moving us forward, you’re just offering us an alternative to what we’re already doing."

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Mr Tice insisted that shale gas exploration would be "part of a solution" to address climate change in the UK, noting that "we need to invest in tidal power" along with nuclear energy whilst using shale gas to prop up domestic energy stores.

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"Tell me how you fund tidal power around the UK for less than £5 per person?" Matthew asked, reminding Mr Tice that his own initial issue with government climate strategy was that it was too costly.

"In the 30 to 40 years before you get the costs down where they need to be, you need the cheap shale gas that’s literally under our feet whilst you’re investing in the new technologies that overtime will at a sensible, affordable price."

Matthew then ended by telling the Reform UK boss that he was "not engaging in the cost issue."