Coronavirus: Imams plead with older men to stay away from mosque

21 March 2020, 09:02 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

By Seán Hickey

Leaders in the UK Muslim community have told followers to stay away from mosques during the coronavirus crisis.

Adam from Islington called into Richard Spurr to share his experience of trying to get his father to stop going to the mosque during the crisis.

He told Richard of his worry for his father, well into his 80s, as he still went to and from the mosque daily despite the government encouraging people his age not to go anywhere.

Adam said that when he told his dad that he should stop going to the mosque for the foreseeable future "it was like his world fell apart".

He assured his father that "now is not the time" and he is more than capable to still pray from home.

Richard was curious to find out "what's been said about worship and congregation" by leaders of the British Muslim community.

Imams across the UK have told men not to go to the mosque
Imams across the UK have told men not to go to the mosque. Picture: PA

Adam revealed to Richard that the "the Imams are trying, but the old men don't listen" as the mosque is not just a religious activity for them, their whole routine revolves around them.

Adam told Richard that he called his Imam directly to go on the phone to his father to encourage him to stay at home.

The Imam told Adam's father that he couldn't be sinning for staying at home during the outbreak of coronavirus and he is actually being a good Muslim by doing so. His father was again reassured by the Imam that he could pray from home during this time instead.

Richard acknowledged how important this may be to droves of older men in the Muslim community and pointed out that although it may be strange for listeners to understand how important going to the mosque is saying that "if you've been going to the mosque religiously all your life, this is just going to be so weird to you".