A truce between Israel and Hamas has entered its final day

Hamas seeks to extend truce with Israel as more hostages set to be released on final day of fragile ceasefire

The man started calling pro-Israel supporters on a tube "donkeys", "clowns", and "child molesters"

Vile moment Palestine activist brands pro-Israel supporters 'killers and child-molesters' on train in London

Boris Johnson spoke to LBC from the anti-Semitism march

‘Israel should exist’: Boris Johnson condemns rise in anti-Semitism as he attends 100,000-strong march in London

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Ireland's PM Leo Varadkar under fire for comments on release of Irish-Israeli girl held captive by Hamas

Avigail Idan has been released by Hamas

'What she endured was unthinkable': Biden reacts to release of first American hostage - as 17 more released by Hamas

Emily Hand was reunited with her father

'Emily has come back to us': Heart-warming moment Irish-Israeli girl, 9, reunites with father after Hamas release

Emily Hand has been released

Irish-Israeli girl Emily Hand, 9, whose father feared her dead, among hostages released from Hamas captivity

Relatives of hostages in the Gaza Strip demonstrate in Tel Aviv

Hamas hands over 13 more Israeli hostages and several foreign nationals after initial delay

Police issued a hate speech warning

Met police make 18 arrests at pro-Palestine march in central London - including man 'holding Nazi placard'

The second round of hostages being released has been delayed by Hamas

Israeli hostages to be released from Hamas captivity tonight after 'delay resolved'

Police issued a hate speech warning

Man arrested for carrying placard with Nazi symbols at pro-Palestine march after police issue hate speech warning

Eight Israeli hostages have been reunited with their families

Emotional moment nine-year-old Israeli reunites with father for the first time after being released by Hamas

Police have issued a hate speech warning

Met police issues hate speech warning as thousands gather for pro-Palestine march in London

Eight Israeli hostages have been reunited with their families

First Israeli hostages reunited with families, as government prepares for more captives to be released

Red paint is sprayed over the BBC's headquarters ahead of a Palestine March.

BBC staff 'barred from joining march against anti-Semitism' over impartiality rules

The 13 Israelis who have been freed

Who are the 13 Israeli hostages released by Hamas? Sisters aged 2 and 4 among the captives freed