Labour's Wes Streeting has vowed to back UNRWA

Labour vows to back UN refugee agency whose staff Israel accused of being involved in October 7 Hamas attack

Ahmed Ali Alid was convicted following the fatal attack in Hartlepool in October

Asylum seeker inspired by 'revenge' for Israel-Hamas conflict guilty of murder after stabbing random pensioner in street

A video of Hersh Goldberg-Polin has been released

Parents of Israeli hostage taken by Hamas urge him to 'stay strong' after new video shows him with missing hand

Rishi Sunak is visting Poland

Rishi Sunak defends British RAF planes shooting down drones over Israel but not Ukraine

Yale students form a human chain to block a Jewish student from entering the University

Yale students form human chain to block Jewish students - as one says she was 'stabbed in eye' with Palestinian flag

An antisemitism campaigner who was threatened with arrest for being 'openly Jewish' at a pro-Palestine protest has told LBC that police did not stop a demonstrator from abusing him and threatening to follow him around at the march.

'They didn't do a single thing!': Antisemitism campaigner said Met did not stop abusive man when threatening him with arrest

Iranian officials say the attacks, in the central province of Isfahan, were caused by small exploding drones

Israeli airstrike on Iran downplayed as tensions ease between Tel Aviv and Tehran

Israel strikes back at Iran: Explosions heard following revenge attack - days after Tehran's drone assault

Israel strikes back at Iran: Explosions heard following revenge attack - days after Tehran's drone assault

David Cameron has said it is 'clear' Israel is planning to act

Israel is 'making decision to act', David Cameron says in Jerusalem as he urges Netanyahu not to escalate Iran conflict

Flights will resume from October 27

easyJet cancels all flights to Israel for six months amid fears of wider regional conflict in Middle East

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, Lord Kim Darroch the former UK National Security Advisor for his assessment of the performance of "the current PM, the man who was PM and the man who wants to be PM"

Rishi Sunak has 'left the pitch free' for Lord Cameron to be Foreign Sec and 'toughen the line on Israel', says former diplomat

Israel will aim to 'minimise civilian casualties'

Israel planning ‘painful’ strike on Iran despite Western calls for calm after unprecedented missile attack

Ben Wallace has said Iran must be 'hit back twice as hard'

Iran must be 'hit back twice as hard', says ex-defence secretary Ben Wallace as Rishi Sunak calls for 'restraint'

Tzipi Hotovely warned that the UK could be the next target of Iran without deterrence

‘We want deterrence, not revenge’: Israel’s ambassador to the UK warns Iran ‘won’t hesitate to attack London'

Israel must show it is 'prepared to go berserk' on Iran security minister says as Rishi Sunak urges 'restraint'

Israel must show it is 'prepared to go berserk' on Iran says security minister

Rishi Sunak condemned Iran's actions

Rishi Sunak says Iran sought to 'plunge the Middle East into new crisis' with Israel attack as he urges 'restraint'

Lord Cameron has described Iran’s strike on Israel as a “double defeat”

Lord Cameron urges Israel to ‘take the win,' don't retaliate and focus on defeating Hamas after Iran’s ‘double defeat’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the Middle East is 'on the brink'

'The Middle East is on the brink,' UN chief warns, as Israel approves plan of attack after huge Iranian onslaught