Joe Biden (L), Benjamin Netanyahu (R)

US will stop supply of weapons to Israel if Rafah invasion goes ahead, Biden warns Netanyahu

Pro-Palestinian protests have been growing across campuses in the UK

Sunak warns university chiefs to protect Jewish students as pro-Palestine protests grow across UK campuses

The UK government is 'deeply concerned' about the assault on the Rafha crossing in Gaza and wants to see a 'credible military plan' from Israel.

UK government 'deeply concerned and need to see credible military plans' after Israeli offensive on Rafah crossing

Labour's mayor in the West Midlands has said he would 'absolutely' like an arms embargo on Israel.

Labour's new West Midlands mayor tells LBC he would ‘absolutely’ support an arms embargo on Israel

Rishi Sunak has said that the UK is deeply concerned about Israel's activity in Rafah

Rishi Sunak says UK 'deeply concerned' after Israel take control of Rafah crossing into Gaza

Israel has taken control of the Rafah crossing

Israel takes control of Rafah crossing in Gaza after dismissing Hamas' ceasefire proposal as 'ruse'

Pro-Palestinian protesters have disrupted a Holocaust remembrance march near the grounds of Auschwitz concentration camp

Pro-Palestine demonstrators disrupt Auschwitz remembrance march with 'Stop Genocide' protest

Hamas accepts terms of Gaza ceasefire proposal but Israel indicates deal is unacceptable

Israel launches strikes on Rafah and dismisses latest Gaza ceasefire proposal as 'ruse' despite Hamas accepting terms

The Israeli army has told Palestinians to leave parts of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Israel orders 100,000 Palestinians to evacuate Rafah ahead of 'imminent' invasion

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel-Hamas ceasefire talks break down and spark fears of imminent invasion of Rafah by IDF

Keir Starmer has hailed 'signifcant victories' in local elections across the country

Starmer admits Labour ‘didn’t win all the seats we wanted’ but vows to ‘fight to win back votes’ as Muslim support falls

Gaza has descended into a full-blown famine, a top UN official has said

Gaza descends into ‘full-blown famine’ amid Israeli restrictions on food deliveries to the region, UN official declares

Mr Sunak has called a meeting for later this month.

Rishi Sunak summons university chiefs amid ‘serious concerns’ over antisemitism following clashes on US campuses

Gaza protests ‘slowing down justice’ as domestic abuse victim ‘unable to see’ redeployed detectives

Gaza protests ‘holding off justice’ as domestic abuse victim ‘unable to see’ redeployed detectives

Protesters at UCLA have been detained by police, after a stand-off that lasted many hours

Bear spray fired at riot police as officers clash with pro-Palestinian protesters at US university

LBC observed how Scotland Yard manages to police divisive demonstrations in London

'It makes our job incredibly difficult': Police surrounded by cameras on protests as they make ‘on the hoof’ law changes

David Cameron has called for Hamas to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza

Foreign Secretary David Cameron urges Hamas to accept ‘generous’ ceasefire deal with Israel

Romilly Blitz has faced anti-Semitism at UCL

Jewish student at top London university branded a 'genocidal psychopath' for objecting to Hamas attack