Crowds had gathered to commemorate Qasem Soleimani

More than 100 killed in bomb blasts at Iranian memorial to assassinated general amid growing Middle East tensions

Top Hamas official Saleh Arouri has been killed in an explosion south of Beirut, according to local media.

Hamas deputy leader and three other members killed in explosion in Beirut

Mia Schem was held hostage by Hamas for 54 days

Freed Israeli hostage Mia Schem says she was treated like 'an animal at the safari' and operated on without painkillers

The biggest stories of 2023.

The biggest stories of 2023: Mystery disappearances, the Coronation and the start of the Israel-Hamas war

Hamas has rejected a ceasefire plan

Hamas rejects Egypt's phased peace plan for Gaza in war with Israel as bombardment continues

There have already been strikes on the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza

At least 106 killed by 'Israeli airstrike on refugee camp' in Gaza, as Netanyahu vows to continue fighting

The US and Russia abstained on the vote

UN Security Council votes to increase aid into Gaza - but doesn't call for immediate ceasefire

The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem claimed there are no Christians or churches in Gaza.

No Christians in Gaza, claims Jerusalem deputy mayor after Israeli army kills two women at church

Rishi Sunak has called for a ‘sustainable ceasefire’

'We are witnessing a catastrophe': Tory MPs pile pressure on Govt to call for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has said that her relatives are among the Christians who have sought shelter in the Holy Family Church.

Israeli official brands Gaza church attack 'rather strange' as MP's family shelter with 'snipers pointing guns at them'

Ex-Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned Israel that its 'killing rage' risks inflaming the conflict with Palestine for another 50 years.

'Killing rage': Wallace warns Israel not to fuel conflict for another 50 years after Netanyahu says no ceasefire

As well as the UK and Germany, The US has also expressed its discomfort over Israel’s failure to reduce civilian casualties.

'We will fight to the end': Netanyahu says no ceasefire after David Cameron calls for 'sustainable' stop to Gaza war

As well as the UK and Germany, The US has also expressed its discomfort over Israel’s failure to reduce civilian casualties.

David Cameron calls for 'sustainable' ceasefire amid escalating Gaza conflict, as Israel has killed 'too many civilians'

Around 100 protesters gathered outside the home of the Israeli ambassador to the UK.

Pro-Palestine protesters demonstrate outside home of Israeli ambassador to the UK as Gaza crisis intensifies

Eylon Levy said the three hostages being killed by the IDF was a 'tragedy'

Israel says IDF killing hostages was 'unspeakable tragedy' but vows to press on with 'unrelenting pressure on Hamas'

The three Israeli hostages killed by the IDF

Israeli hostages mistakenly shot dead 'against rules of engagement' by IDF while 'shirtless and waving white flag'

HMS Diamond has shot down a drone

Royal Navy destroyer shoots down drone targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea, Grant Shapps says

Protests erupted after news emerged that the three hostages were killed by the IDF

Protests erupt after IDF kill three Israeli hostages 'mistakenly identified as threat' in Gaza