The cyclist doing a wheelie got his bike trapped under the Mercedes

Cyclist Doing Wheelie Smashes Into Mercedes: Who Was In The Wrong?

7 days ago

Police stopping users of electric scooters

Most Shops Selling E-Scooters Don't Know They're Illegal To Ride: LBC Investigation

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Super cycle highway

Air Pollution Along Cycle Superhighway More Than Twice Legal Limit, LBC Finds

1 month ago

Motorists will now be stopped by police if they are caught passing too close to cyclists.

Cycle Cops To Target "Too Close" Drivers

3 months ago

The ordeal was filmed on the rider's helmet camera

Cyclist Who Hit Horse While Performing Undertake Is Convicted

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The incident was caught on a cyclist's helmet-cam

Driver Insists He CAN Drive Safely On His Phone… Before Crashing Into A Car

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