Fuming Man Chucks Pint Of Milk At Driver In Odd Road Rage Row

4 June 2018, 13:36 | Updated: 4 June 2018, 13:39

A road rage row took an incredibly bizarre turn when one of the motorists launched a pint of milk at the other driver’s windscreen.

Remarkable dash-cam footage shows the milk carton bursting as it smashes against the driver’s vehicle.

It’s understood the incident took place on a roundabout just off the M57 in Liverpool.

In the video, the visibly angry man gets out of his car in the middle of the junction before walking towards the vehicle whose dash-cam is filming it.

Man throws milk carton at driver's windscreen
Picture: Liverpool Echo

Both driver’s appear to exchange words before the man gets back into his car.

Other vehicles waiting at the traffic lights move on as the lights turn green and the filming driver pulls out around the car in front and also drives away.

The dash-cam driver begins to slow down only for the other driver to speed past and stop suddenly at the lights.

Milk was thrown across the road
Picture: Liverpool Echo

The man gets out holding a bottle of milk before launching it at the vehicle - sending its contents spraying across the road.

He then walks back to his car while shouting abuse.

Watch the bizarre incident in full above.