Extinction Rebellion

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Extinction Rebellion tells LBC he receives "death threats" amid Trinity College controversy

Extinction Rebellion activist tells LBC he receives "death threats"

Extinction Rebellion block traffic on the Strand for London Fashion Week protests

Nick Ferrari questioned Robert Jenrick about the new coal mine

Nick Ferrari queries mixed messages over climate change and a new UK coal mine

Nick Ferrari questioned XR over their Home Office stunt

Nick Ferrari takes on Extinction Rebellion for digging up garden outside Home Office

Raphael Coleman: Nanny McPhee star who joined Extinction Rebellion dies aged 25

Nick Ferrari had this message for Extinction Rebellion protesters

Enough Is Enough: Nick Ferrari's message to protesters outside LBC

Nick Ferrari spoke to Lord Stevens about his campaign to protect the public from protests

Former Met Police Chief: Extinction Rebellion cannot be allowed to disrupt London

BP London HQ temporarily shut down because of climate protest

Nick Ferrari had a very tense interview with an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson

Nick Ferrari's interview with an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson got very tense

Nickie Aiken revealed the effect on local councils from the Extinction Rebellion protests

Rebellion left 20 TONNES of rubbish on the streets, local MP claims

Michael Gove warned that protests can't be allowed to "be a pain" for Londoners

Enough Is Enough: We need to reassess police powers over protest, says Michael Gove

Extinction Rebellion protests are often extremely entertaining to cover, with music and singing

Enough Is Enough: My year on the ground with Extinction Rebellion

Simon Bramwell making the controversial comments about Extinction Rebellion

Enough is Enough: XR co-founder filmed calling for 'take down' of civilisation

Nick Ferrari is calling for greater powers for police over Extinction Rebellion protests

Nick Ferrari's Enough Is Enough campaign: Give police more powers to stop public disorder

James O'Brien admits he's "scared" after Home Secretary's latest ruling

James O'Brien admits he's "scared" after Home Secretary's latest ruling

Extinction Rebellion have a new plan in the run-up to the election

Extinction Rebellion to set off fire alarms and air raid sirens for "12 days of crisis"