Council Allows Public To Name Their New Gritters... The Results Are Hilarious

17 November 2017, 14:52

A council has held an internet poll to decide the name of its new gritter... and the results are magnificent.

Doncaster Council have two new gritting trucks and decided to ask for the public's help in naming them.

And fearing the usual responses, the council banned Gritty McGritface and Gary Gritter. But the responses they got from the public were so much better.

This gritter is going to have a very funny name
This gritter is going to have a very funny name. Picture: Doncaster Council

After getting hundreds of recommendations, they narrowed it down to four finalists. They are:

Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney

Spready Mercury

David Plowie

Basil Salty

Doncaster Council's current gritting trucks also have pretty special names:

Brad Grit

Gritney Spears

The Subzero Hero

Mr Plow

Usain Salt