Video Of Mum Having Baby's Ears Pierced Causes Outrage

13 July 2017, 11:42 | Updated: 13 July 2017, 12:27

A mother has defended her decision to have her baby's ears pierced after a video she posted caused outrage.

Crystal Lynn posted the footage of her four-month-old baby screaming in agony as she had her ears pierced.

The footage, which was taken initially shot in 2012, was recently posted on a piercing-based Facebook page.

And it caused fierce debate online about whether it could be considered child cruelty.

Baby Emily has her ears pierced, aged just four months
Baby Emily has her ears pierced, aged just four months. Picture: SWNS

Defending her actions, Mss Lynn said: "We chose to pierce our daughter's ears at a young age because it is proven that most who wait until they are older, around the age of 5-10 years of age, usually end up with an infection because they don't stop touching them.

"When you pierce them young they don't feel, but maybe 30 seconds of pain, if any pain at all and we as parents take care of the piercing and they are less likely to mess with them.

"Emily, who was four months old at the time, and she does not remember the piercing at all - and she loves her earrings."

Emily cries in pain after having her ears pierced
Emily cries in pain after having her ears pierced. Picture: SWNS

Comments on the video have been very split. Karen Telford Shaw said: "Cruel, just cruel. Hope mum is happy putting her lovely daughter through this trauma."

And Verity Miller said: "Why would you want to cause your baby pain when it is meant to be mum who protects them? Let them choose when they are old enough!"

But one mum from Hull said she did something similar for her daughter, stating: "Did she cry? Yes for a split second. Do I regret it? No."