Andrew Marr says the return of Donald Trump would be 'no joke' for America and the rest of the world

8 November 2022, 19:10

Andrew Marr on LBC
Andrew Marr on LBC. Picture: LBC
Fran Way

By Fran Way

Andrew Marr has said the return of Donald Trump would be no laughing matter for America, the rest of the west and the war in Ukraine.

Opening his show on LBC tonight, Andrew said Trump’s announcement that something big is coming ‘very, very, very’ soon were ‘no doubt’ the ‘most significant few words’ spoken recently in the Western world.

He said that with Biden is ‘old and unpopular’ and the Democrats are on the backfoot without a better alternative – meaning if Trump runs, there is a ‘strong chance’ Trump will win.

But what that really means for the world ‘would be no joke’.

'The return of Donald Trump would not be a joke!'

He said: “President Biden is on the back foot, old and unpopular and so far, the Democrats don't have a good alternative candidate. If Trump runs - and that now seems likely - there's a strong chance Trump wins. It's time to face up to the obvious and ask, what would a second Donald Trump presidency mean for American democracy, the health of the West, and the war in Ukraine?

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"This is a man who doesn't accept the result of fair elections if he loses them; who egged on insurgents violently storming the Capitol in Washington; and whose relations with Putin's Russia have been obscure to say the least.

"There were always allegations that Trump's election in 2016 was aided by Russia; and just this weekend Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Kremlin henchman known as Putin's chef, was boasting, “We did interfere, we are interfering and we will continue to interfere.”

"Now that may be just be provocation or a kind of dark Russian joke. But the return of Donald Trump as US President would not be a joke - not for America, not for the rest of the West, and certainly not for Ukraine."