The Londoner who made a chainmail stab vest to protect himself from knife crime

25 November 2019, 08:11 | Updated: 25 November 2019, 08:29

This Londoner is so scared of the knife crime crisis that he wears a chainmail stab vest every day.

Claudio lives in West Ealing, where a 26-year-old man was stabbed to death on Saturday night, one of seven men stabbed in just 24 hours in the capital.

He lives next to West Ealing rail station and told LBC he is so scared of becoming a victim of knife crime, he made his own stab-proof vest which he wears every time he goes outside.

He said: "I use it all the time. Prevention is better than cure for me. Even if I go to the park with the kids or to the supermarket, I'll take it just in case.

"There's been a lot of fights breaking out in activities like that and it's better to be safe than sorry.

"I wear it every day because there are stabbings in London almost every day.

Claudio shows LBC the stab vest he made
Claudio shows LBC the stab vest he made. Picture: LBC

"It's dangerous out here. Knife crime is getting out of control. There's no police around and when the police do come, it's too late. I'd rather protect myself before something tragic happens."

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