Sharon Stone asked out multiple times on social media after dating app Bumble blocked her

30 December 2019, 12:10

Actress Sharon Stone says she was blocked from dating app Bumble
Actress Sharon Stone says she was blocked from dating app Bumble. Picture: PA

By Sylvia DeLuca

The Hollywood star has been asked out numerous times on Twitter, after revealing that dating app Bumble blocked her profile.

Sharon Stone, who appeared in the film Basic Instinct, wrote on Twitter: "I went on the @bumble dating site and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me!

"Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive."

The online dating platform said it had received several reports that her profile had been fake, so had blocked it for security reasons.

The 61-year old actress' profile has since been unblocked after Bumble's editorial director Clare O'Connor tweeted: "AHA! @sharonstone, we at @bumble found your account, unblocked you, and ensured this won't happen again.

"You can get back to Bumbling! Thanks for bearing with us and hope you find your honey."

Ms O'Connor later said: "Trust us, we *definitely* want you on the Hive."

However Sharon Stone in the meantime received multiple offers to go on dates with social media users whilst her profile was being unblocked.

One man wrote: "I'm single. Sharon, DM me."

Another said: "Sharon you don’t need Bumble, I’m right here."

One woman said: "I have a single brother. He's not famous, but he is ex-Navy and saves lives every day in the cardiac cath lab."

Another Twitter user wrote: "My God, if Sharon can’t get on a dating site what hope do the rest of us have???

American actress Sharon Stone
American actress Sharon Stone. Picture: PA

Bumble is an online dating platform where users can "match" with each other and start communicating. It differs from other dating apps in that the woman must initiate contact by sending the first message.

Sharon Stone appeared in hit films in the 1980s and 1990s, including Total Recall, The Mighty and Casino.

She has married twice - first to the producer Michael Greenburg and then the journalist Phil Bronstein, who she divorced in 2004.