Coronavirus LIVE: Boris Johnson tells of 'sad day' as UK death toll skyrockets to 2,352

2 April 2020, 08:56

Boris Johnson has spoken of a "sad day" as more than 500 people died of coronavirus in a single day
Boris Johnson has spoken of a "sad day" as more than 500 people died of coronavirus in a single day. Picture: PA

The Prime Minister has spoken of a "sad day" where more then 500 people died from coronavirus in just 24-hours, amid demands his government do more to ramp up testing.

Speaking in a Twitter video posted from his home, Boris Johnson said: "This has been a sad, sad day, 563 more cases - a record in a single day. Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims all their friends."

He added: "It's crucial that people that do have the disease are able to be tested positive and take the necessary steps to isolate at home."

Testing has become one of the main criticisms levelled at the government in past days.

The government so far claims that the UK is able to test up to 10,000 people each day, but the current testing statistics have shown this number has not yet been reached.

It comes after the World Health Organisation said to get on top of the spread of the virus, countries needed to "test, test, test".

A study earlier this week showed 1 in 4 NHS workers are currently off work and self-isolating after showing coronavirus symptoms, and it is estimated 85 per cent of these would be able to return to work if they were tested.

But of the 550,000 NHS workers across the country, only 2,000 have so far been tested for the virus.

NHS England has now written to its trusts, ordering them to carry out mass testing for frontline staff.

The organisation sent a letter to all of its trusts and foundation trust saying the government has now lifted its 15 per cent cap on testing staff for coronavirus.

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