Coronavirus: Furious women brands pair ‘selfish idiots’ for having a BBQ during lockdown.

20 April 2020, 13:26 | Updated: 30 April 2021, 09:36

By Oliver McGrath

A couple were branded ‘selfish idiots’ by a passerby after they were spotted having a BBQ amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The pair were seen enjoying the sun at Spiers Wharf on the Clyde and Forth Canal in Glasgow over the weekend.

But one woman walking past launches into a furious tirade at the pair, shouting: “I hope to god somebody you know dies of it then you’ll be sorry.”

She began the row by saying it “makes me sick,” adding “people’s families are dying every day and you’re having a party.”

The couple response cannot be heard, but the angered pedestrian shouts back: “That’s not the point.

“What makes you so special that you can party and the rest of us are all stuck inside?

“The problem is that you are a pair of selfish idiots.”

The man having the BBQ seems to make a comment about other people in the area, who can be seen taking their daily exercise while practising social distancing.

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Under the UK lockdown measures, people should only go outside to shop for food, health reasons, exercise or work.

Too many people loitering while out has led to some councils taping off benches and other rest areas.

New legislation means police are allowed to move people on and even make arrests if the measures are not adhered to.