'Die Blair' graffiti daubed on office of MP Luke Pollard

21 October 2019, 11:59

The graffiti daubed on the door of MP Luke Pollard's office
The graffiti daubed on the door of MP Luke Pollard's office. Picture: Global's Newsroom

By Asher McShane

Graffiti bearing the words ‘Die Blair’ was sprayed on the front door of the office of Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP Luke Pollard.

The message appeared on the MP’s office on Sunday night and was reported to police.

Labour MP Mr Pollard said that there was “no place for the hate and abuse we are seeing on the rise.”

He said in a statement: “I want to invite whoever vandalised my office to have a conversation.

“There’s no place for the hate and abuse that we are seeing on the rise. The individual who did this is clearly concerned about something so much they will commit a criminal act to voice their concerns. I hope they’re concerned enough to have a conversation.

 “My office remains open and my team are at work, safe and well.

“They do a superb job every day for the people I represent and they deserve to work in safe and secure workplace.

“I’m proud to be the first ever Plymouth MP to have a city-centre office and I believe having an office where people can walk up to while in town helps more people, makes me more accountable and is better for our politics.”

The graffiti was removed from the door earlier today.

It comes after Mr Pollard complained of being on the receiving end of a barrage of abuse on social media. He wrote: “Sadly I’ve had to ban a few more people from Twitter and my Facebook page in the past few days: abuse, insults, homophobia and slurs is unacceptable. If you’re finding yourself using them whatever your political viewpoint then it’s time to have a long look at yourself.”

Mr Pollard voted against Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal and against No Deal Brexit in the ‘Super Saturday’ sitting of Parliament this weekend. He said that he supported a fresh public vote and an extension to the Brexit deadline.