Europeans want British tourists to 'stay away' this summer, new poll finds

9 July 2020, 22:12

Spaniards are the nation who most want Brits to keep away
Spaniards are the nation who most want Brits to keep away. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

European holiday nations do not want British tourists to visit this summer, according to a new survey.

Despite England's moves to relax quarantine rules for people returning from abroad, the UK's favourite holiday destination has said it is strongly opposed to British visitors.

Nearly two thirds (61 per cent) of Spaniards are keen for UK holidaymakers to stay away this summer, the most of any European nation.

However, a majority of French (55 per cent) and German (58 per cent) citizens feel the same way.

In Italy, only 44 per cent of locals are against British visitors. However, this is still 10 per cent higher than the average for other travellers from Europe.

In France, Spain, Germany and Italy, only residents from the US and China are less welcome, the research showed. 

French holiday towns also want British tourists to stay home
French holiday towns also want British tourists to stay home. Picture: PA

The results come as the UK government's 'travel corridors', allowing for the return of overseas holidays, come into force tomorrow.

Despite this, YouGov found that only 21 per cent of Brits are planning on going on holiday to Spain or France this year.

Even less are planning to head to Germany (18 per cent), Italy (17 per cent) or the US (7 per cent).

Brits are also opposed to foreign holidaymakers arriving on our shores, with 76 per cent wanting to keep American tourists out of the UK. 53 per cent do not want Chinese tourists, with 51 per cent against Swedish holidaymakers (51 per cent) and Italian (48 per cent).

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Out of major EU nations, Italians are the most likely potential visitors to the UK.

15 per cent of Italians surveyed said they would consider visiting this summer.

That compares with only 13 per cent of Spaniards, and just five per cent of French.

Only six per cent of Danes and Norwegians are contemplating a visit to Britain.

Matthew Smith of YouGov said: “The vast majority of people who might normally consider going somewhere on holiday are refusing to do so specifically because of coronavirus.”