Michael Gove 'we are triggering Operation Yellowhammer' as Government ramps up no-deal planning

20 October 2019, 10:37

Michael Gove will trigger Operation Yellowhammer
Michael Gove will trigger Operation Yellowhammer. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Michael Gove has said the Government are triggering Operation Yellowhammer following the Letwin Amendment and ramping up preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

The Minister in charge of planning for Brexit has said that the UK can no longer guarantee the European Union will grant an extension to the Brexit deadline after the Prime Minister was forced to write to the EU asking for three more months.

Speaking to Sky News Mr Gove said that the UK would be leaving the EU by the Halloween deadline, he told Sophy Ridge: "We're going to deliver by the 31st October, we are going to ensure that we get this deal done and I'm confident that with the support of good people with whom we may have disagreed in the past, but who respect democracy we will get this deal done."

But, Mr Gove warned the risk of a no-deal Brexit has increased, he said: "The risk of leaving without a deal has actually increased because we cannot guarantee that the European Council will grant an extension.

"And that is why, later today, I will be chairing a Cabinet committee meeting in order to ensure that the next stage of our exit preparations and our preparedness for no-deal is accelerated.

"It means that we are triggering Operation Yellowhammer.

"It means that we are preparing to ensure that if no extension is granted that we have done everything possible in order to prepare to leave without a deal."

Operation Yellowhammer is Government’s key no-deal Brexit plan which details the response to the most severe anticipated short-term disruption under a no-deal Brexit.

The operation covers 12 key areas of risk, including food and water supplies, healthcare services, trade in goods and transport systems.

Government departments have established 24-hour operational centres to co-ordinate responses to issues as they arise.