Harry Styles left 'scared' after being stalked by homeless man he 'felt sorry for'

14 October 2019, 15:39

Harry Styles said he "felt sorry for" the homeless man
Harry Styles said he "felt sorry for" the homeless man. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

The pop star has appeared in court after being stalked by a homeless man he offered to help.

Former One Direction singer Harry Styles has told a court he felt "very uncomfortable" after being stalked by a homeless man he "felt sorry for."

The 25-year-old singer offered to buy Pablo Tarazaga-Orero food or a hotel room after he saw him sleeping in the bus stop outside his house.

However, Mr Styles alleges that the Spanish national then began posting notes and money through his letterbox, and followed him to the pub on several occasions.

He said Mr Tarazaga-Orero's "erractic and frightening behaviour" left him insecure at home and forced him to call the police.

Harry Styles said he felt "scared in his home"
Harry Styles said he felt "scared in his home". Picture: PA

Speaking from behind a screen at Hendon Magistrates' Court, Mr Styles said: "Pablo was sleeping outside of my residence; I first became aware of him in March.

"I thought it was sad that someone so young was sleeping rough at a bus stop when it was cold."

He then recounted that on 10 March: "I pulled up in my car next to the bus stop and offered him some money so he could get a hotel or some food.

"He asked if he could have some edamame beans because he is vegan", District Judge Nigel Deane heard.

The singer said the next day he bought the man two sandwiches, two salads and two muffins from a vegan cafe, but decided to stop interacting with him following an "odd" incident.

He told the court: "He asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant to eat.

"I told him I was on my way to work.

"I found it a little odd. His facial expression made me feel a little uneasy.

"It was like a smirk.

"Until that point, I never felt unsafe or uneasy in my own home."

The star said he was "terrified" by the man&squot;s behaviour
The star said he was "terrified" by the man's behaviour. Picture: PA

Despite cutting contact with Tarazaga-Orero on the advice of his security staff, Mr Styles said he continued to see him "incredibly often (...) almost every day".

In April, he posted change to the value of £49.95 through his letter box and followed Mr Styles into a local pub a number of times.

Tarazaga-Orero also stopped him when he was on a run in Regent's Park and asked for money.

The prosecution argued that Tarazaga-Orero's stalking continue to have a "significant effect on (Mr Styles') day-to-day life".

Mr Styles said: "I never really encountered this kind of behaviour before.

"I've employed a night guard. I continue to lock my bedroom door at night."

He also said he continues to check for "weak spots" in his home.