Hong Kong's Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng 'attacked' in London

15 November 2019, 10:17

By Asher McShane

Hong Kong’s Justice Secretary was shoved to the ground as she was mobbed in the street by a group of protesters in London.

Teresa Cheng was allegedly shoved to the ground by a group of protesters shouting “murder” and “shameful.”

A statement from the Hong Kong government said Ms Cheng suffered “serious bodily harm.”

Video footage from the scene shows Ms Cheng falling to the ground while surrounded by the protesters carrying placards.

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam described the incident as an ‘attack’ on Ms Cheng.

The Hong Kong government said in a statement: “The secretary denounces all forms of violence and radicalism depriving others’ legitimate rights on the pretext of pursuing their political ideals, which would never be in the interest of Hong Kong and any civilised society.”

The Chinese embassy has urged Scotland Yard to carry out a thorough investigation.