Hundreds of motorists form huge queues as McDonald's reopens 39 drive-through branches

20 May 2020, 15:06

By Megan White

McDonald’s restaurants have been swamped with huge queues after 39 branches reopened their drive-through windows.

Hundreds of cars were seen clogging roads around some of the fast food giant’s locations, including Staines, Middlesex and Sutton, south London.

Customers are allowed a maximum spend of £25 per car and are encouraged to use contactless payments, with only a reduced menu available, the company said.

There are now UK 23 branches open for drive-thru only, with ten additional branches offering delivery alongside drive-thru. A further six have opened in Ireland.

The firm posted online: "We are reopening 39 Drive Thru lanes across the UK and ROI. These Drive Thru pilot restaurants were all chosen as they are close to one of our distribution centres as we continue to prepare our supply chain for reopening."

Twitter users criticised the queues, claiming there were "huge tailbacks" and "people honking."

One person said: "I like a McDonalds but there is no way I'll be sitting in a queue for two hours to get one."

Another said: "Who on the hottest day of the year thinks sitting in a car in a huge queue for a McDonalds is a good idea?!"

While a third added: "Just drove past a McDonalds that’s been reopened and there had to be about 60/70 cars queuing around the car park for the drive thru, like how desperate do you have to be to queue for that?"

Ahead of the reopenings, Derbyshire Police's Armed Response Unit warned customers not to block junctions and asked them to "please show common sense."

They tweeted: "With news that McDonalds will be opening drive throughs soon, please show common sense and don’t queue blocking junctions, roundabouts and causing gridlock. Our base is opposite a McDonald’s we don’t want exits for emergency vehicles attending incidents being being blocked."