Conservatives are 'bad people' who need 'to be stopped' says Hugh Grant

4 December 2019, 07:37

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Actor Hugh Grant has called Conservatives "bad people" who have "to be stopped," whilst campaigning for opposition parties ahead of the general election.

The Love Actually star has been "trying to help" parliamentary candidates who are standing against the Conservative Party in the upcoming December election.

Mr Grant told LBC News he wanted to ensure "principled, good people" unseat Tory nominees across the country in order to avoid a "catastrophic No Deal Brexit."

"I'm just out there trying to help a few parliamentary candidates who I think are really good people, principled people, who can unseat a Conservative," he said.

"Because, if we have a Conservative majority we get a catastrophic No Deal Brexit, despite what they say."

Hugh Grant was speaking at a screening of his upcoming film
Hugh Grant was speaking at a screening of his upcoming film. Picture: PA

The Four Weddings And A Funeral actor criticised Boris Johnson's "Get Brexit Done" campaign slogan, calling it "b******t."

He continued: "If the Conservatives get in then it’s the beginning of Brexit and maybe ten, twenty years of negotiation with the EU about a new trade deal and that may never happen.

"At which point there’s no medicines in our cupboards, there’s no food in our shops, hundreds of thousands of job losses, a proper catastrophe.

"These are bad people and they have to be stopped."

The movie maker was speaking at a screening of his up and coming 2020 film The Gentlemen.

Mr Grant spoke of his "delight" at heading out on the campaign.

He told reporters the Tories had "purged . . . moderate, decent, reasonable, responsible MPs" and the party was left with "a really terrifying bunch of extreme right-wing nationalists" who will "end the United Kingdom."