Jeremy Corbyn says what he's heard of Boris Johnson's deal 'fills me with alarm'

16 October 2019, 14:02

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Labour leader has told Global's Newsroom Boris Johnson's prospective deal with Europe fills him "with alarm."

The Brexit Secretary has said the Prime Minister will ask the EU for a delay if a new deal isn't agreed by Saturday.

Stephen Barclay told a committee of MPs the Boris Johnson will "comply" with legislation which requires him to do that.

The PM is planning a Commons vote on a new agreement at the weekend.

Jeremy Corbyn says he won't support anything that damages workers' conditions.

Global's Newsroom asked Mr Corbyn if Labour MPs would have a free vote on any deal that came back from Brussels approved.

The Labour leader said he would have to "examine the deal, if and when it comes back."

The Labour leader spoke to Global's Newsroom
The Labour leader spoke to Global's Newsroom. Picture: PA

Mr Corbyn said he found it "strange" that the Prime Minister hadn't been to Parliament to inform MPs what the Government policy is.

"What I've heard fills me with alarm," Mr Corbyn told our reporter Matthew Thompson. Citing the possibility of a border in the Irish sea, he said it ran the risk of undermining the Good Friday Agreement.

He said it wouldn't guarantee the UK trade access to Europe, "which is so essential."

When pressed by our reporter if he would "remove the whip from Labour MPs who vote for a deal," the Opposition leader said he would "try to persuade Labour MPs" to support the party's position.

Mr Corbyn would not say if there would be consequences for Labour MPs who went against the party line and voted with the Government.

"I don't go through life threatening people, I go through life trying to persuade people."

He added he would ask Labour MPs to "respect" the decision the Party made at their recent conference.