Joss Stone sparks angry backlash telling TV viewers how to be happy from the Bahamas

13 August 2020, 10:31

Singer Joss Stone gave tips on happiness from the Bahamas
Singer Joss Stone gave tips on happiness from the Bahamas. Picture: GMB

By Asher McShane

Singer Joss Stone sparked an angry backlash from TV viewers when she revealed her tips for staying happy from the Bahamas.

The multi-millionaire singer was speaking from the tropical paradise about how to find satisfaction in life.

"I've noticed that we have a lot of opportunity to be happy and we don't always take it," the 33-year-old told Good Morning Britain.

Asked about the secret to happiness amid current health and financial fears, she replied: "I would say choice ... Every person I've spoken to, so far, (on her A Cuppa Happy podcast) has flagged that we have choice.

"And I don't think everybody truly feels that way. I think some people genuinely feel that they don't have it. And that is a total myth."

Stone added: "If we can accept that we do have choice in mostly every direction unless we're enslaved ... or in prison ... Mentally we have little choices that we make as we walk along in this life.

"And that is for every single person. That's comforting. It's a nice thought and very freeing."

Viewers reacted angrily to Stone's comments.

Dave James Martin wrote: "Me and 1000s of others are being made redundant and she's banging on about choice and being happy!"

Another wrote: "'We' have loads of choice Joss because both you and I are financially stable.

"If you are not quite so lucky the choice tends to be foodbank or the bins behind Aldi... It's not that easy to be happy when you cannot even afford to eat - I know - I've been there."

The singer told presenters she had used the furlough scheme for her staff after her gigs were postponed.

"It's a little bit of a difficult situation but luckily the UK has the furlough scheme so that was great," she said.

"But that doesn't work for people that aren't employed by you all the time, so that worked for people that are always in my employ.

"But my band members, that's different for them, they've lost all that work. So I heard recently that Boris (Johnson) did something, he gave loads of money to the arts in the UK, something huge for the arts!

"I heard that and I was like 'Oh my God, another little gem that's happened to our little nation. We're so bloody lucky!" she said, after also praising the NHS.

The Government last month announced a £1.57 billion support package to "protect" the future of Britain's museums, galleries and theatres.

But funds are not due to be released to organisations until October.