LBC Special: Is It Time To Legalise Cannabis?

21 June 2018, 18:22

All day on Friday, LBC is debating whether it's time to legalise cannabis.

Earlier this week, Lord Hague suggested the government should be bold and legalise the drug, not just for medicinal use, but for recreational use as well.

In 2009, the government reclassified cannabis from a class C drug to class B.

It means users can be jailed for up to five years for possession and up to 14 years for supply.

The government is set to review the laws surrounding medicinal cannabis, but has ruled out legalising the drug for recreational use.

Throughout Friday, all of LBC's presenters will be looking at different aspects of the debate, from the health and social aspects to how it would affect crime and revenue.

Is it time to legalise cannabis: listen all day on Friday on LBC.