Man Smashes Car Door Against Driver's Head In Road Rage Attack

19 February 2019, 13:16

A violent road rage attack which saw a car door smashed against a man’s head has been caught on camera.

The brutal incident unfolded in Dundee, Scotland, on Saturday afternoon and was filmed by a nearby motorist.

A BMW driver booted the door of a red Vauxhall Astra, crushing another man’s head in the process.

Another passenger from the BMW slammed the door again, shutting the Astra driver inside.

The shocking road rage attack was filmed by a nearby motorist
The shocking road rage attack was filmed by a nearby motorist. Picture: Deadline News

An eyewitness could be heard saying “that is bang out of order” as four men circled around the car before heading back into the BMW.

Dale Cairns, who shared the video, said: “I missed the first part but the guy in the Astra got out the car first and opened the driver's door of the BMW and made some very aggressive actions towards the driver before trying to get back into his own motor.

“I think when he seen [sic] there was a group of young lads in the car he realised he made a mistake.”