Meghan and Harry 'hurt the Queen' Thomas Markle claims

27 January 2020, 09:25

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Thomas Markle has warned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to step down from royal life is "never going to work."

Speaking to Good Morning Britain about the couple he said they had "hurt the Queen," and also hurt the royals.

He told Piers Morgan: "I think they’ve hurt the Queen. I think they’ve hurt the royals - and it just doesn’t work to be going to another country and serving England. It's never going to work."

Speaking about claims of racism towards his daughter he said "there's never been a problem in terms of race," Mr Markle told GMB, "I haven't noticed it in England," he said, branding the UK "far more liberal than the United States."

"I don't think that she's being bullied in any way or any shape because of racism."

The live TV appearance came on the day the Sun newspaper revealed Mr Markle was willing to give evidence against his daughter in a court case she brought against Associated Newspapers, the publishers of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Mr Markle described the breakdown of his relationship with Meghan as "ridiculous", and called for a reunion.

He said his message to Harry is: "Man up and fly down to see me. And we'll talk."

Asked what he would say to Meghan, he told the programme: "I'd say: 'I love you', and: 'Let's sit down and work this out.' She was the closest thing to me for years and years and years, until she went off to college and even then.

"This is ridiculous. We should get together."

Thomas Markle was speaking live on TV about his daughter Meghan
Thomas Markle was speaking live on TV about his daughter Meghan. Picture: PA

When pressed on the subject of the couple stepping back from royal life, the retired television lighting director said: “As far as what they have decided to do, is to me embarrassing. I think when they got married, they married into royalty and they knew what they were getting themselves into. That’s been Harry’s life and Meghan has had a similar kind of life and I think they have hurt the Queen.

Asked what he would say to people who are critical of him doing TV interviews, Mr Markle told Good Morning Britain: "I would tell them to try being in my position for a while and see what it's like - have a family member ghost you and not speak to you, and see how you feel.

"It's something that stays with you 24/7 every day, and it never goes away.

"It's always on your mind. You wake up with it. You go to sleep with it. It's very hard to deal with."

Meghan Markle has no commented publicly on her father
Meghan Markle has no commented publicly on her father. Picture: PA

The relationship between Meghan and her father broke down completely in the week of her wedding in May 2018, a few months before the letter - thought to be the last communication between the pair - was sent.

Harry and Meghan are dropping their HRH styles and stepping down from royal duties in search of freedom away from the monarchy, and will raise Archie mostly in Canada.