Middlesbrough business uses 'Covid-19 killing' mist ahead of reopening

29 May 2020, 09:11

Businesses preparing to reopen are being sprayed down with disinfectant - like methods seen in China

Charlotte Lynch

By Charlotte Lynch

LBC News has been given access to a business as it’s sprayed down with a powerful ‘Covid-19 killing’ mist - ahead of their reopening.

The fogging process is similar to that seen in China
The fogging process is similar to that seen in China. Picture: LBC News

Our reporter was given access to one UK business which has opted to call in specialist cleaners - to spray every inch of the premises with a powerful disinfectant mist - before it reopens to customers on June 1st.

Similar methods to this technique - known as fogging - have been used in China, where the Covid-19 outbreak began.

A resident walks through a temporary room of disinfectant spray to return home in north China
A resident walks through a temporary room of disinfectant spray to return home in north China. Picture: PA

One company claims – their solution can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

LBC News's reporter Charlotte Lynch accompanied Middlesbrough based firm Chem-Clean UK to a job at a car showroom to see how it works.

Steve Davies and his team of four suited up in white hazmat suits, gas masks, and protective gloves, and used long rods to spray out fine but powerful decontaminating mist around every part of the Acklam Car Centre in Middlesbrough.

Steve, who started his business in response to the pandemic, said: “We use a disinfectant - hydrogen peroxide - which kills 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungus, mould, obviously the coronavirus.

“It’s dry mist, touchless system, very safe - even on food preparation areas as well as industrial.

“Everybody wants to get back to work and they’re calling us in to give them the all-clear and give them the peace of mind.”

The firm has also received enquiries from schools and lists hospitals and care homes among premises it can decontaminate.

Chem-Clean UK’s website states: “To help control and combat these viruses within hospitals, food preparation facilities, oil and gas sector, offices, emergency services, requires a proven solution to remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Chem-Clean UK have that solution using state of the art fogging equipment.

“Chem-Clean UK use 100% environmentally friendly products and poses no threat to humans, animals or plants our solutions is also non-corrosive and is safe & recommended for use on electronic devices and equipment.”

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Chris Andrews, manager of the Acklam Car Centre, told LBC News: “We’ve put distancing measures in, perspex coverings around the desks, we’ve already had a thorough deep clean but we are getting it fogged.

“Our message to customers is we’re looking forward to seeing you. We’re ready for business. Take care and be careful, keep your distance from staff, but be assured we’ve put, to the very best of our ability, measures in place to keep you as safe as we can.”

Chris has also arranged Covid-19 antibody tests for all of his staff members who will be on-site, to try and make sure nobody working on the premises is infected.