Hero passers-by grapple with suspected terror attacker on London Bridge

29 November 2019, 16:04

By Asher McShane

This is the moment a group of passers-by wrested a blade off a suspected terrorist on London Bridge before the attacker was shot dead.

At least four people were seen grappling with the man on the ground before armed police arrive and drag them away and open fire.

Police confirmed the terror suspect was shot dead amid fears he was wearing an explosive vest. Police said it turned out the man was wearing a hoax device.

Several people have been injured, some seriously, police have said.

Officers backed away from the suspect as he lay moving on the ground before it was confirmed that he had died.

One of the group of passers-by can be seen holding a knife. It is thought he took it off the suspect prior to police opening fire.

The smartly-dressed man was being hailed for his bravery after emerging with the knifeman’s blade after a tussle. Seconds later the attacker was shot dead.

The brave individual was hailed by onlookers on Twitter.

Air Force Carl wrote: "The man that held the #londonbridge attacker down should never have to buy a drink again! #hero." Andy Basildon tweeted: "To the man in the jacket who took away the knife .. WELL DONE you are what makes Great Britian great! .. when we find who this man is .. buy him drink all night."

Omar Moore said: "This is a member of the public holding a knife the attacker had. All members of the public who restrained the attacker on London Bridge are heroes. Note the knife blade (which looks white) protruding."

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A Scotland Yard statement said: "A number of people have been stabbed."

They added: "However, as a precaution, we are currently responding to this incident as though it is terror-related.

"One man has been shot by police."

The London Ambulance Service declared a major incident.

Witnesses described a scene of panic around London Bridge, moments after the incident.

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